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WCASD Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) - see the hateful material yourself

East Goshen GOP

SEP 17,2021

WCASD "Equity" - Be Informed; it contains hateful and harmful propagande under the guise of "resource material"

As noted by the RCCC, the WCASD online "resources" includes Glenn Singleton's “Courageous Conversations About Race”. This material is hateful & harmful propaganda. This is inexcusable and demonstrates the WCASD School Board needs immediate Parent monitoring and involvement..

Here is a link to the material exposed by the RCCC =>

Read other articles here and Be Informed.
Link 1 ==>
Link 2 ==>

The serious issues in the WCASD will not simply go away, nor will they get any better UNLESS parents and taxpayers get involved and FORCE changes.

Don't "bury your head in the sand". The futures of our children and granchildren are at stake. Get Involved. Attend EVERY school board session. Get involved with the various sub-committees. Demand a Stop to the divisive and harmful policies. Elect a School Board that will not tolerate these harmful policies.

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