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Local Candidates - 2023

East Goshen Twp Supervisor
2 positions elected
Our Team!

Peter Hicks
Sean Ellsworth

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Ellsworth-Hicks for EGT Supervisor_1.jpg
Ellsworth-Hicks for EGT Supervisor_2.jpg

WCASD School Board 
2 position
s elected in Region 2
Our EGT Region 2 Team!

Peggy Schmitt

Peggy Schmitt & Amanda Greenberg - WCASD EGT.jpg
PAC endorsement.png

The mission of Back to Basics West Chester is to educate the public on school-related issues facing children and families in the WCASD, financially support and elect new school board members in 2023 and provide a framework for bringing educational excellence back to the WCASD. The PAC and its endorsed candidates are committed to Academic Excellence, Transparency, Fiscal Accountability, Parents as Partners, and Keeping Politics out of the Classroom.  To learn more, visit

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