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WCASD - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

East Goshen GOP

AUG 15,2021

WCASD DEI - What personal ideology is your child's teacher exposing to your child in the classroom?

Are you concerned what ideological mindset your child’s teacher may be sharing in their classroom? There will be a further “Community Conversation” on the WCASD “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) program on Thursday, Sep 9th, at Rustin High School.

You should watch the entire approximately 80 minutes of public comment during the recent WCASD School Board session. Public comments start at the 40 minute mark.
Aside from observing the behavior of Board President McCune, you will hear some retired and present WCASD teachers who believe the divisive nonsense of skin-color “privilege” and nonsensically believe there is “systemic racism” in our current American institutions.
What are these teachers saying in their classrooms? Is it against WCASD Policy for teachers to promote or suggest the “privilege” of skin color, or to infer there is “systemic racism” in American institutions? How is this monitored? How many other teachers in WCASD have these divisive views? What are teachers being taught in their in-service training?

Examples: Hear a retired gifted-teacher state he’s a product of “privilege”. Hear another current teacher state how’s she’s an “anti-racist” and talks about the “only way to dismantle systemic racism”; inferring that our current American institutions are systemically racist. Hear another current teacher arrogantly tout that those who don’t share the same divisive ideology just “don’t understand” , then tout how she’s been “trained out of Baltimore” and herself speaks about “trauma-informed, culturally-responsible teaching”.

Get Involved with monitoring and influencing your WCASD School Board.

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